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Friday, 23 September 2011

first blog. Emily in a nutshell.

hello this is my first blog. So I apologise if it is rubbish though that would be unlikely with me being so awesome. I will start from the beginning from when before I ill. About three years ago I was fine other than having constant headaches. I lived in Anfield on my own with my lovely dog Harvey. I worked full-time in a pet shop which contrary to popular belief I did actually like. (There was one thing that I didn't like about that job, but that is not what this blog is about so we shan't go into that) I had to leave the job for a reason that the shan't go into but I was also getting terrible headaches and had started to get numbness in the left side of my body. I went to the doctors over it but they just told me that I had migraine and there possibly be anything else wrong with me because I was too young. The headaches and other symptoms were getting worse and worse. So I changed my doctors surgery. At my first appointment in my new doctors I got referred to the neurology hospital. But unfortunately the poo hit the fan before I had that appointment.I haven't been feeling too well so I went to my Mum's house for some sympathy. It was there that I had a grand mal seizure.I got taken to hospital in an ambulance. After some tests including a CT scan which came back clear I was sent home. I noticed when I got home that I could see something floating around in my eye. I booked an appointment at the opticians. A few days later I had my appointment. The operation looked in my eyes and advised me to go to St Pauls at the Royal because my optic nerves were really swollen. I asked him if he was sure and if that was possible that my optic nerves were just fat. He just said that I should go to the hospital. After going and getting examined by a specialist Docter I was sent to the neurology hospital. I had to stay in. I had lots of tests done. Finally, I had an MRI scan. It was then that they discovered I had a brain tumour. It was 10 March 2009. I had the operation to remove it on 13 March 2009. I recovered from this operation well and seven days later I was sent back home. I was okay other than being a little weak. After a few days I started feeling ill again and after collapsing I was sent back to the hospital where they discovered that I had bacterial meningitis. I had a drain put into reduce the pressure. They then did another MRI scan where they discovered that my tumour had returned. After the removal of this I was left in intensive care on a life-support machine as I was unable to breathe. I was put in a medically induced coma for a fortnight. They then performed a tracheostomy and I was woken up. I was in intensive care for three months. I was unable to speak because of the tracheostomy and that was really difficult. I was moved to a rehab unit and I was there for eight months. I will go into my time at rehab in a future blog as there is a lot to say. The rehab unit got me to a really good stage of recovery. They even managed to walk me with assistance across a room. I was discharged from the unit into a nursing home. It was a horrible place. It was dirty and the care was terrible. I was pretty much left in a bed with no therapy for three months. I will also go into my time at this horrible nursing home in a future blog as there is a lot to say. Eventually after a lot of letterwriting and fighting I got given nine months of physiotherapy. During this time of physiotherapy I moved out of the nursing home into my own bungalow with my friend/carer. My care was now good. I now have two carers who are fabulous who come in of a morning to assist me with my personal care. In April 2011 my physiotherapy got cut . In my opinion it is because of funding. My physiotherapy was reduced from five sessions of private physio to 2 sessions in an NHS physio unit. And that is my life in a nutshell. I will go into more details in future blogs. Hope you enjoyed reading. :D x

I just thought of another paragraph as I have realised there is a bit I have forgotten. Before I had my tumour removed. Before they even knew I had a tumour. I had a shunt fitted. This is a tube that goes from my brain into my stomach. I have scars are my head and on my tummy from this being fitted. It is there to drain any access fluid from my brain into my stomach. This is because I have hydrocephalus or water on the brain what ever you want to call it. I also have another shunt. I am not quite sure what this one is that there for maybe I should ask my brain surgeon next time I see him. I do have the scars to prove it though. There is a possibility that the shunts can get blocked. I hope that mine are not. But I have been getting migraine again. This worries me. I have had an MRI scan lately and I am waiting for the results. I had to be knocked out when I have scans because of my claustrophobia, but it is just more scary not knowing and waiting for the results.


  1. Wow. I'm so sorry you've had to go through all of this.

    I have a brain tumour too.. But where mine is placed it can't be removed. By the sounds of things, it's not such a bad thing!

    I feel for you.. I really really do.

    Sending my best wishes :) xoxo

  2. WOW I'm speechless reading this post. I'm so sorry for what you've gone through. Your so young to have gone through so much. I suffer from Migraines so I can relate to your migraine pain. I hope you life continue to improve. I'll be keeping you in my prayers.