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Monday, 11 June 2012

the past three months part one

I have not written a blog in ages. It is not because I have been lazy. I have been stuck in hospital for the past three months. I am okay now I am just waiting to go back home. It is taking a while to sort out as I can't have the carers that I used to have as the funding has changed and only certain companies can be hired. I am not sure what it is going to be like. I think I am going to have two people a day doing 12 hour shifts. The one who does the night shift will be doing a waking night. My friend who I was living with is moving out to live with one of our friends.

So to those who don't actually know me personally you are probably wondering why I have been in hospital. Well before I went in I had a severe kidney infection. There is a slight chance that this may have been self-inflicted. I don't think so though, but I am sure some other people will probably tell you different. This went on for a few weeks. We did ask the district nurses and the doctor if I was okay and they prescribe antibiotics. This in my opinion is probably what caused my seizures which put me in hospital in intensive care and unable to breathe unaided.

Everything from this point is a bit muddled up as I was very confused. I was having a few seizures when I was still at home and when I came round I was in a highly confused state. I was having really realistic dreams where I thought I was being chased around by clocks. I know that sound really bizarre. The hospital was informed and were coming to pick me up. But then I had another seizure when I stopped breathing and the ambulance needed to be called and I was rushed into hospital. I was put on to life support and I was in a coma for a fortnight. I nearly died. The doctors informed my friends and family that my organs were failing, and that's all they could do now was to make me comfortable. But then I started to show signs of improvement.

When I came round from my coma I had in a tracheostomy so I was unable to talk and I was unable to drink even though I was absolutely desperate to. I was so thirsty. All I was allowed to do was to suck on pieces of gauze soaked in water.

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  1. I'm glad to hear your doing better Emily but sorry for all you have been through. Praying for you that the coming days continue to be better.