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Friday, 14 August 2015

Can't believe it's August already!

Hello, I really need to get back into this blogging thing, it's been ages since I last wrote, (nearly 7 months) and  I enjoy it and find it quite therapeutic. Sometimes I just don't know what to write about. I have not been up to much of late, just the usual. Being visited by my lovely friends, wishing a certain friend would visit, but she lives far far away in New Zealand.I think I will write a post about the year she spent over here with me. I have also been spending too much money online, I have become addicted to subscription boxes, mainly geeky based ones and I still have my obsession with Yankee candles. Maybe I should write about that also. And I also read a lot online, mainly newspapers, especially articles that affect me as a disabled person. Some of them get me ranting in the comments section. It is quite stress relieving and it feels good to get my opinion across and get my voice heard. I have read in other blogs written by disabled people and disability groups and advocates about them sharing their opinion on these current affairs that affect us and our community. I think it would possibly be a good thing for me to blog about also. It is important to get serious, sometimes. So yeah, I am going to start blogging again, (definitely this time) . It time to stop being a lazy bum and wasting time sat on Facebook and YouTube, (even though they are a great boredom reliever) so I hope you come and catch up with me soon. See you later, I'm off to drink coffee, (unfortunately decaf ) and watch crap on YouTube. Just wait till I discover Netflix. :P

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