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Monday, 3 October 2011

and so it continues ...

so this weekend has been bad. It is amazing how one sheet of paper can make me feel so miserable and make me lose yet more hope. This latter said that my care package had been reduced by three hours. To those of you reading this that probably doesn't sound like much. But to me it is. In my opinion if they are taking these hours away from me it just gives them the opportunity in the future to take more. I am really worried that they are going to take more I eventually going to get left with nothing? Yet again the people who are making these decisions that really affect my life have never met me. My social worker is meant to fight my corner and it doesn't appear to me that she is. It is so unfair and I am getting so worked up and stressed. I think they want me back in a nursing home. I know that it is cheaper for them that way. I am really worried about that. I don't want to go back to that hell. I know it sounds dramatic but it is hell! This is only a mini blog. I will go and write another one about my time in the nursing home you understand then why I do not want to go back. I know that my friends and family will not let me go back and I am a stubborn cow so if social services try and put me in a nursing home it is going to be with me kicking and screaming. I guess that would be good exercise for my legs and lungs though. Anyhoodle that at the end of this mini blog. I am now off to write up about my stay in a nursing home. Thank you for reading. X

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