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Monday, 10 October 2011

a letter i've written, but thought it may be applicable here too.

My name is Emily Austin. I am 24 years old. I had a brain tumour successfully removed in 2009. I was left with NO PERMANENT DAMAGE.  I am writing to you because I am being harassed and bullied by the Liverpool Primary Care Trust and Liverpool Adult Social Services.
                Liverpool PCT firstly saw fit to breach my human rights by reducing my physiotherapy for no reason other than to cut spending.  When i made a complaint about this, they formulated a response which was nothing more than a lie to cover up their illegal actions.  Additionally, once the complaint had started, they decided to move me from the clinic where I was being treated to an NHS outpatients clinic.  I believe this was an effort to deceive any outside parties who may investigate their decision to reduce my therapy.
The therapist at the NHS clinic had already been told what amount of treatment she was going to give me.  My original therapist had gone against the PCT and advised them not to reduce my therapy and I believe this is the reason that they moved me, not the reason they have given in their response to my complaint.   I was never told about any intention to eventually place me in an NHS clinic or anywhere else and I still haven’t seen any proof or any sort of documentation to back up their claims.  The PCT also chose to ignore a letter from my consultant neurosurgeon advising that I need aggressive physiotherapy and not therapy based on two outpatient appointments per week.  The reduction in physiotherapy has not only caused my progress to slow down and stop, it has actually caused a reversal to the point where I am almost at the level I was before I ever started to receive physiotherapy.
Additionally, the length of time it has taken to process any enquiries I have made is appalling.  In the response to my complaint, I received an offer from the PCT for another physiotherapy assessment. The letter is dated for the 26th of August and I have still not heard any news regarding the date for the assessment.  I suspect that these delays are being made on purpose in the hopes that I will give up and go away.  I can assure you that I will never give up!
Furthermore, in May of this year, I had a scheduled care plan meeting with my social worker and was told that there would be no further care plan meetings for 12 months.  I have documentation which confirms this.  Following an alleged complaint from one of my physiotherapists about my level of hygiene and personal care, my social worker contacted me to organise another meeting in September of this year.  At this meeting, we asked to see the letter or any evidence of this complaint.  No evidence was presented to me as she hadn’t yet received the information from the PCT.  I am lead to believe that this meeting should never have happened while the social worker did not have all of the relevant information regarding any complaint with her. Since the meeting I have written to the social worker requesting a copy of the letter of complaint because I believe it is my right to see this letter and any other relevant information about myself that I request.  My social worker has informed that I am not allowed to have a copy of this letter as, in her words, ‘it involves a third party’.  She has also told my carer, during a phone call, that Liverpool district nurses have expressed concerns about my safety and wellbeing because there is no key in the key-safe at my front door.  There is always a key in the key-safe.  Again, I have seen no evidence to support any such complaint.
I think all of these ‘so called’ complaints and allegations were excuses for the PCT and the social services to call a meeting at the complex needs panel where my direct payments have been reduced by 3 hours per week when my circumstances haven’t changed since May.  The reason given for the reduction in hours is because my physiotherapy now takes place locally in Aintree twice per week and once a week at home.  I can accept a reduction of 1 hour for the session that takes place at home, but to revoke the other 2 hours for my P.A. to escort me to the NHS unit is not acceptable as I cannot do anything for myself and therefor will not be able to get to my sessions.  The PCT and the social services cannot expect my P.A. to work for free.  My social worker has informed me that there will be another care plan meeting followed by a complex needs panel in six weeks time.  I am fearful that this will be taken as another opportunity to reduce my care plan further.
My social worker and the care coordinator from the PCT have both met me in person and are well aware of my physical condition and the fact that I am unable to carry out even the most simple of tasks.  It is obvious then, to say that I am completely reliant upon others for every aspect of my life right now.  Because of the actions of the PCT, I am likely to stay in this condition for the rest of my life unless somebody intervenes on my behalf very soon. Please help me.

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  1. hi emily, i`m a friend of carys from work.this is appalling, could you not talk to a solicitor about this awful mess?