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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

the harassment of Emily by the PCT!!!

so are the PCT harassing me? I certainly think so. They are supposed to be looking after me and in my opinion they are not doing a very good job of it. They are treating me like I am a naughty child. Constantly prying into my life. I am currently very happy with the care that I receive off my three carers. They are absolutely fantastic at their jobs and they are very hard-working. For some reason the PCT got it in to its head that my personal care was being neglected. That was completely untrue. I am unsure who exactly made the allegation and I have asked my social worker for a copy of the letter of concern regarding my care. I am not allowed to get this letter as it involves a third party. Surely I should be allowed to see documents that are about me. And where were the PCT when my personal care was being neglected when I was in that nursing home? They didn't care then did they? It seems to me that the primary care trust want me back in a nursing home. And they are constantly picking problems out of thin air about my life in the bungalow. I know it is much cheaper for me to be in a nursing home. What kind of life is that?

So why do I think the PCT is bullying me? Well it seems that every time I complain about the actions the consequence is that they make things worse. For example, when I complained about the reduction in my physiotherapy they moved me from the clinic I was being treated in into an NHS one and they also tried to cut my physiotherapy down to 2 sessions a week but because they worded a letter to me poorly I was able to keep another session. They are dying to take off me as well. And also after this complaint I made and they  took three hours off my care package. I got told that my last care package review that I would not have another for another year. Four months after that I get told I am having another review. It was the result of this meeting that I got the three hours taken away. I have been told that I am to have another meeting in a few weeks. My carers have got to keep detailed logs on my care. For example how often and what I am eating and how often I need assistance during the night. It's like I am being spied on. It is harassment in my opinion. I know why this is it is so they can take away as much care as possible so it was cheaper for them. I am scared that they are going to reduce it and reduce it until I have no choice but to go into a home. Why have I got to suffer because of money? Me and my family have paid tax, you would think that when you become ill, you will get looked after by social services. Isn't that one of the things that tax money pays for?

So anyway, if social services want detailed logs on me I will do detailed blogs on here about every little thing they do and see how they like it.

if there is anybody out there who can help me sort all this mess out please get in touch with me I am starting to get desperate.

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